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;A Dictionary of trap words ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ,НАУКА и УЧЕБА Автор: Eric Partridge Название: A Dictionary of seize words Издательство: RoutledgeГод: 2005 Формат: pdf Размер: five Mb Язык: английскийFrequently, trap words aren't, within the grammarians’ experience, words in any respect, yet sentences. trap words, just like the heavily associated proverbial sayings, are self-contained, as, evidently, clichйs are too. seize words tend to be extra pointed and ‘human’ than clichйs, even though the previous occasionally come up from, and infrequently they generate, the latter. sometimes, capture words stem from too recognized quotations. trap words frequently supply—indeed they are—conversational gambits; usually, too, they upload a pithy, maybe earthy, remark. except the unavoidable ‘he-she’ and ‘we-you-they’ conveniences, they're immutable. you have got perceived that the types capture word, Proverbial asserting, recognized Quotations, Clichй, may perhaps coexist:they usually are not snobbishly particular, anyone of the other. actually depends at the context, the nuance, the tone. rapidshare zero

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For the moon landings in the late 1960s and early 1970s was popularized through worldwide television coverage. The words were taken up in Britain [c. 1970] and America [c. p. for preparedness for any endeavour, often used humorously’ (Noble, 1974). DCCU, independently in 1971 after appearing, 1970, in some editions of Webster, with this example, ‘It’s all systems go here, so let’s take off’. [all talk and no cider. , and by 1975 †, as Col. Moe tells me, 1975. Later, however, he adds that the phrase is ‘of long standing, but still heard occasionally’, and quotes from Salmagundi.

All we want is the facts, ma’am (, just the facts)! ‘Jack Webb as Joe Friday, the fast-talking [monotonous-voiced] cop in the American TV series Dragnet (1951–8, 1967–9)’ (VIBS). Occ. rendered as just give me the facts, ma’am; all I want is the facts. all white and spiteful. See: white and spiteful. all wind and piss like a barber’s cat is contemptuous of a man given to much talk, esp. to much boasting, and little, if any, performance: prob. since c. 1800, for it clearly derives from the semi-proverbial C18–19 like the barber’s cat, all wind and piss.

P. if he used to listen to ‘The Goon Show’, he admitted that he had never heard it; he ‘seldom had time to listen to the radio’. The show seems to be as popular as ever: the BBC are now, Summer 1982, running a repeat series of the pick of the programmes. and to prove it, I’m here! See: I’ve arrived… and very nice too! See: very nice too! and what’s the matter with Hannah? , generally tailed on to a statement or remark without the slightest sense of congruity’ (Farmer): US: ? c. 1875–1900. : poor old Hannah seems to ‘cop it’ in c.

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