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By Clyde E Fant; Mitchell Glenn Reddish

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Dionysius on its lower slope. The Acropolis The Acropolis of Athens was initially used for defensive purposes. Typically in ancient cities, women and children were placed in the acropolis (the word means “upper city”) in times of war for protection. Rising more than 500 feet at its highest point, with steep slopes on all sides except the west, the Acropolis of Athens was ideal for this purpose. Apparently, however, this Acropolis also had a sacred use from the earliest times. E. the Acropolis was sacred to Athena, patron goddess of the city, and the religious function eventually became the exclusive purpose of the site.

In some ways this loss of military and political power may have worked to the advantage of Athens. No longer a threat to the world’s powers, the city was gifted by its Roman rulers with public works projects and cultural improvements. The emperor Hadrian (r. ), in particular, lavished monuments and other building projects upon Athens, and Marcus Aurelius (r. ) endowed the city with four chairs of philosophy, thereby creating the world’s first great university. Perhaps even more important, Athens was never forced to become part of the Roman provincial system but was exempted from Roman taxes and allowed to exercise judicial authority over its own citizens.

Opinions differ concerning whether the sculpture was a funerary monument or a monument erected in honor of a distinguished citizen of the city. A widely held speculation is that the statue was a monument erected in honor of Laomedon, one of Alexander the Great’s most important admirals and a devoted companion, who later became for a brief period the satrap (governor) of Syria (which included Palestine). Apollonia Apollonia of Macedonia, a city scarcely known even in Greek history, is on the verge of new prominence as a recent discovery brings its past to light.

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