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Males are consequently unable to transmit any diseases to man. 8 half-gravid unfed Diagram representing the gonotrophic cycle of a female mosquito, starting with a female in an unfed condition and passing through a blood-fed, half-gravid and gravid condition, then after oviposition the female becomes unfed again ready for another blood-meal. Introduction to mosquitoes females may also feed on sugary substances to obtain energy for flight and dispersal, but only in a few species (the autogenous ones) is this type of food sufficient for egg development.

3). This allows the paired mandibles and paired maxillae to cut into and pierce the skin of the host, so that together with the labrum and hypopharynx they can enter the skin. Blood from the host is obtained either by the flexible biting fascicle of the proboscis actually entering and passing along a blood capillary or from a pool of blood formed by the rupture of minute capillaries. Blood is sucked up the proboscis in the space formed by the apposition of the labrum and other stylet-like mouth- Mouthparts and salivary glands The mouthparts are collectively known as the proboscis.

12. The mid gut and salivary glands of mosquitoes are important in the life-cycles of the malarial parasites and other pathogens. Life-cycle of mosquitoes Blood-feeding and the gonotrophic cycle Most mosquitoes mate shortly after emergence from the pupa. Sperm passed by the male into the spermatheca of the female serves to fertilise all eggs laid by her during her lifetime, thus only one mating and insemination per female is required. With a few exceptions a female mosquito must bite a host and take a blood-meal to obtain the necessary nutrients for the development and maturation of the eggs in the ovaries.

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