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The growth made in particle physics over the last 20 years of the twentieth century has ended in the formula of the so-called average version of common debris and its quantitative experimental try out. This paintings provides that development, and in addition comprises chapters which offer heritage on smooth particle physics. Particle physics types a necessary a part of the physics curriculum. This publication seeks to include the entire subject matters for a unified therapy of the topic. It presents reference fabric for researchers in either theoretical and experimental particle physics. it's designed as a semester direction for senior undergraduates and for graduate scholars. Formal quantum box concept isn't really used. an information of non-relativistic quantum mechanics is needed for a few components of the booklet, yet for the remainder components familiarity with the Dirac equation and Feynman ideas is vital. notwithstanding, a few of these themes are integrated in an appendix. during this moment version, many chapters (for instance, on electroweak unification) were revised to convey them modern. specifically, the chapters on neutrino physics, particle blending and CP violation, and susceptible decays of heavy flavours were rewritten incorporating new fabric and new facts because the first version. The heavy quark potent conception has been integrated.

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The standard model is in very good shape experimentally. 5 GeV. 23) We also notc that, the elect,roweak unification energy scale is given by M 250 GeV. 24) We will briefly discuss the unification of the ot,lier t,wo forces with the elcct,roweak force after discussing t,hc origin of the strong force between the ttwo quarks below. 5 19 Strong Quark-Quark Force We have already remarked: (i) each quark flavor carries 3 colors. (ii) only color singlets (colorless states) exist as free particles. Strong color charges are the sources of the strong force between two quarks just as the electric charge is the source of electromagnetic interaction between two electrically charged particles.

45), t,hat, in the limit ') . 46) is an eigenstate of H with eigenvalue E,. The state Iu') is called the incoming state or simply "in" state. The notation emphasises that the state lu+) goes over to the unperturbed state) . 1 as t -+ -00. 47) From Eq. (38),we get = (blu')+ 1 Eb - Ea + 2& ( b J V aJ'). 49) where we have used Eq. Hence we have from Eqs. 51) E2 We define an operator T , called the T-matrix (transition matrix) with the matrix elements. Tba = (b(T) . I = - ( b IVI = - (bl V) . 54) or T=-V-V 1 Ea - H + i~ V.

To sum up the most striking physical properties of QCD are asymptotic freedom and confinement, of quarks and gluons. The quark hypothesis, the electroweak theory and QCD form the basis for the "Standard Model" of elementary particles to which most of the book is devoted while Chap. 18 is concerned with the interface of cosmology with particle physics. We now briefly discuss the attempts to unify the other two forces with the electroweak force. 6 M Grand Unification The three strong color charges introduced earlier generate the gauge group SUc(3) while that of the electroweak interaction is s U ~ ( 2xU(1).

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