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At the eve of crucial presidential election in many years, A country FOR ALL sounds the trumpet to the millions of U.S. Catholics who've refused to shop for the concept that folks of religion needs to join the slim time table of the a long way correct. via shining the sunshine of genuine Catholic instructing on urgent modern matters like struggle, human dignity, poverty, and the looming worldwide weather predicament, this booklet indicates Catholics how their very own religion culture calls them to take on a sweeping array of matters normally passed over of the religion and politics conversation. most vital, A state FOR ALL demonstrates how the middle Catholic and Christian trust in selling the typical strong offers american citizens of all religion traditions with a much-needed way to the downward spiral of greed, materialism, and over the top individualism.

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Many Americans are already making better choices: conserving energy at home, driving smaller cars, recycling, and supporting wind and solar energy. Hybrid gasoline-and-electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and more popular. And wind farms are popping up across the country, providing economic benefits to financially pressed farmers (who lease their land and continue farming it) and infusing struggling rural towns with new tax revenues. THE COMMON GOOD 17 But in addition to personal choices, Americans want and need incentives: policies and leaders who will help make these changes more universal and these choices more accessible.

By rebuilding a culture of the common good here in America, we can live up to our greatness as a country and as a global beacon of hope and freedom. Building a Culture of the Common Good How do we build a culture of the common good? First and foremost, we need to put the commandment to love our neighbor into action at all levels of society. We have to restore our nation’s rightful balance between vibrant self-reliance and robust concern for one another. We must be prepared to address the problems in our culture, including the values and choices that orient our daily lives.

The Church’s teaching about this responsibility has a name: the Catholic social tradition. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. In the United States, Catholicism often has a distorted reputation 19 20 A NATION FOR ALL for focusing primarily on issues of personal morality and downplaying social concerns, a reputation driven in large part by individuals who foster this perception in order to further a particular political agenda. In reality, the Church embraces a wide mission in the world that includes promoting the full dignity of the human person and tackling such essential issues as workers’ rights, poverty, the environment, and war.

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