Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Mohammad Zomorrodi, Chamath's Advanced Chipless RFID: MIMO-Based Imaging at 60 GHz - ML PDF

By Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Mohammad Zomorrodi, Chamath Divarathne

ISBN-10: 1119227313

ISBN-13: 9781119227311

Introduces complicated high-capacity facts encoding and throughput development suggestions for totally printable multi-bit Chipless RFID tags and reader systems

The ebook proposes new ways to chipless RFID tag encoding and tag detection that supersede their predecessors in sign processing, tag layout, and reader architectures. The textual content is split into major sections: the 1st part introduces the basics of electromagnetic (EM) imaging at mm-wave band to augment the content material potential of Chipless RFID structures. The EM Imaging via man made Aperture Radar (SAR) strategy is used for info extraction. the second one part offers a couple of shrewdpermanent tag detection innovations for latest chipless RFID structures. A Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) established tag detection method improves the spectral potency and raises information bit ability. The ebook concludes with a dialogue of ways the MIMO method could be mixed with the picture established strategy to introduce a whole answer with a quick imaging method of chipless RFID structures. The booklet has the subsequent salient features:

  • Discusses new methods to chipless RFID tags resembling EM imaging, excessive means facts encoding, and strong tag detection techniques
  • Presents strategies to augment facts content material skill of tags and trustworthy tag detection for the readers at unlicensed microwave and mm-wave 2.45, 24 and 60 GHz instrumentation, clinical and scientific (ISM) frequency bands
  • Includes case reviews of real-world applications

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Earth imaging system, the first and most important application of EM imaging, may suggest an approach for data encoding. In earth imaging, the earth’s surface is interrogated by a radar system that is normally mounted on an air-/spacecraft. Based on the reflected signal, the radar system forms the related EM image of the earth. The strength of the reflected signal from each section of the earth’s surface is linked to the image and shows the terrain of the earth. Rough surfaces result in higher reflection and therefore a brighter part in the EM image, for example, a building or mountain.

As every column of the polarizers on the tag surface represents 1 bit of data, then the content capacity is proportional to the tag length. 10. 6 CONCLUSIONS In this chapter, the fundamentals of the EM imaging have been discussed. First, the image resolutions, range, and azimuth were presented and their relation with technical parameters of the systems was shown. Then the expected image resolution for RFID application was calculated. Based on the required image resolution, it was found that the range resolution results in impractical system specification.

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