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By Paul Tillich

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Paul Tillich, one of many maximum Protestant theologians of contemporary occasions, wrote multiple hundred radio addresses that have been braodcast into Nazi Germany from March 1942 via could 1944. The announces have been passionate and political--urging Germans to acknowledge the horror of Hitler and to reject a morally and spiritually bankrupt executive. Laregly unknown within the usa, the announces were translated into English for the 1st time, and nearly half them are offered during this booklet.

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Only National Socialism has dehumanized an entire generation, step by step, with sophisticated methods. It has cut it off from all natural human relationships, from everything relating to goodness, justice, truthfulness, and love. And in place of human feelings it has planted fanaticism, hatred, contempt, cold cruelty, and indifference toward their own life and toward other people's lives. And with these instruments it has subjugated the German people and then forced it to subjugate other nations.

But if we say no to such a solution, then the question arises with all greater force: is the German nation capable of political responsibility? Is a politically mature German nation conceivable? And if so, how can it reach political maturity? Who can lead it to that? 1 do not doubt that you, the ones who belong to the German Opposition, agree with me when I reject the dangerous illusory ideal of the poet-and-thinker nation. But if you agree with me, can you help me answer the questions that result from our answer?

54] [55] 1942 11. THE INTELLIGENTSIA AND GERMANY'S CONQUEST SEPTEMBER 4, 1942 MY GERMAN FRIENDS! Today, I want to speak to a group of people that is, perhaps, small in its supporting circle but great in its consequences and its effects: I mean the bearers of the scholarly work, of art and literature. of music and public discourse. Even if they were a hundred thousand, they would be few in proportion to the millions of German people. But among these millions, there is no one who is not influenced in any way by this group, even if only in the language that he speaks and the technology that he uses.

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