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Although the Church of England came into existence largely in order to facilitate Henry VIII’s desire to divorce his first wife so that he could marry his mistress, the fact that the sovereign has henceforth been Supreme Governor of the Church of England has meant that they cannot, in conscience, marry a divorced person and retain the crown. Baldwin appreciated that Mrs Simpson could never be queen (because this would be unacceptable to Britain and the Dominions); that Edward would not give up the chance of marrying her; that a morganatic marriage (whereby the spouse and any children would not enjoy royal rank or privileges) was impracticable because alien; and that the final decision whether or not to abdicate must be the King’s.

This promotion came about as a result of the reconstruction of the government necessitated by Bonar Law’s resignation through ill health and the fact that Baldwin was so closely identified with his former chief. The coalition government was hit by the honours scandal and the Chanak crisis. More fundamentally, the Conservative backbenches were restless because Austen Chamberlain, Bonar Law’s successor as party leader, was considered too accommodating towards Lloyd George. At the famous Carlton Club meeting on 19 October 1922 Baldwin backed the motion that the Conservatives withdraw from the coalition.

Gerry Adams, the son of Gerard Adams, was born in Belfast and educated at St Finian’s on the Falls Road and then St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ School. Leaving school early, he became a barman. Consistently denying membership of the IRA, Adams certainly comes from a very strong Republican background on both his father’s and mother’s side and was subjected to internment in 1971 as a suspected IRA leader in the Ballymurphy area. On release from jail he allegedly joined the IRA delegation that secretly met with the British government, in the person of Willie Whitelaw, in London in 1972, and he spent several months on remand after being charged with IRA membership in February 1978, before being released by the Lord Chief Justice.

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