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52 This line bears a complex pun on the “Naxian-built (Naxiourgēs) beetle-ship (kantharos)”, for Naxos was a place famous for both boat-builders and dung-beetles. Trygaeus is clutching a large wine cup as he delivers the line, thus adding another vessel to the series. Peace—CHAPTER TWO—Architecting in view of architectural activity 27 operations—pivotal scenes of levitation, revelation and transformation, which each make overt use of theatrical devices (the ekkuklēma and mēchanē)53—the arts of seafaring join the arts of drama and farming to further complement, complicate and broaden the agencies of the architecting-protagonist who aims to restore a basic yet worldly Peace—a harmonious condition that is at once earthy, civic and divine.

Whereas a few “architect” titles are found on inscriptions in the mid and late fifth century BCE, the title is found more abundantly on inscriptions in the early fourth century BCE (that is, in the decades following the performance of Aristophanes’ Peace and Euripides’ Cyclops). The earliest inscription involving an “architect” (that I know of) is IG i3 32, dated by scholars to either 447/6 or 432/1 BCE. This inscription names Koroibos as the “architect” involved in the ongoing alterations of the initiation hall in Eleusis.

55 Trygaeus’ ascent also recalls the flight of a more 53 On the revelatory and transformative role of these theatrical devices, see Padel (1993), esp. ” 54 The myth of Persephone is best known from the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. This myth is also relevant as a model for Peace, since Hades’ mistreatment of Persephone (keeping her temporarily in the underworld) resembles War’s mistreatment of Peace (hiding her in a heavenly pit). The participation of Hermes in both the myth and the drama provides another link.

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