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By Walter M. Elsasser

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8, 53-64. Plass, G. , 1958: Models for spectral band absorption. J. Opt. Soc. , 48, 690-703. Plass, G. , and D. Warner, 1952: Influence of line shift and asymmetry of spectral lines on atmospheric heat transfer. J. , 9, 333-339. Plass, G. , and D. I. , 1953: Influence of Doppler effect and damping on line-absorption coefficient and atmospheric radiation transfer. Astrophys. , 117, 225-233. Plass, G. , and D. I. , 1955: A method for the integration of the radiative transfer equation. J. , 12, 191-200.

This is inconvenient and we transform to new variables, say x = aT2 +--T FIG. 28. Radiation chart. integrated over the spectrum. By carrying (76) and (77) into (73), we get F(uo)= -If BvrF(u-uo)dvl::+ L~' Q(u-uo, T)dT, (78) where the path of the integral is along the actual relationship, u(T), valid for the atmosphere considered. A glance at (77) will show that the two boundary terms ahead of the integral in (78) are equivalent to integrals of the form iT QdT taken along u = const. Furthermore, by replacing u - uo by u in the last integral in (78), which can be done without loss of generality as will presently appear, this formula becomes F = VoL.

For possible future use, we give in table 9 a rough estimate of the generalized absorption coefficient taken from older measurements of Hettner, Pohlmann, and Schumacher (reproduced in Herzberg's book). 4. Water vapor The far infrared spectrum ot water vapor is more extensive than that of carbon dioxide or ozone. 3-p, vibration-rotation band which is the fundamental of the normal mode v2 and the purely rotational band at the long-wave end of the spectrum. The region between the two, in the neighborhood of 10 p,, is generally known as the "window" and will be so designated throughout.

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