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By J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz

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During this illuminating learn Liebeschuetz examines basic topics of past due Antiquity: the barbarization of the Roman military and the interrelation of Church and secular govt. He discusses Alaric's Goths within the West, who have been taken care of as a federate regiment instead of a migrating tribe; how the civilian specialists at Constantinople maintained keep an eye on over the mostly German military in a clash that culminated within the Gainas emerging; and the way an identical specialists got here into clash with John Chrysostom, the bishop of Constantinople, and had him deposed.

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They seem to have been organized in ethnic units. 9 Our information comes from excessively rhetorical or poetical sources, but since few units raised at this time appear in the Notitia Dignitatum 10 it is likely that most of them were 'federate', that is, 1 D. Hoffmann (1969) 448-58; Th. Burns (1973). Themistius xiv. 181 b; Libanius ii. 251, xxiv. 16. 3 Lib. xxiv. 38. "' Zos. iv. 30-31. 5 7 6 Zosimus is strongly anti-Theodosian: iv. 28. Zos. iv. 30. Ibid. 3 1. s CT vii. 13· 8 (29. 1. 38o): slaves, tavern workers, cooks, and craftsmen not to be recruited.

120. :;o Reasons for the Recruiting of Barbarians strength, and soldiers were precious. This was probably the principal reason for Constantius' reluctance to risk Roman casualties. 56 The warlike qualities of the lsaurians had been displayed in brigandage for a long time before the Eastern government succeeded in harnessing them in the service of the Empire. 57 Brigandage was a problem in other parts of the Empire, notably in Gaul 58 and perhaps among the Samaritans of Palestine. 59 But as a rule the Empire was unable to exploit the fighting spirit that found expression in brigandage or banditry.

A. Worp (I 987) 36-40. g. Armenians and Iberians: Them. Or. xvi. 207 a of AD 383, xv. I89 d of 381, and xviii. 2I9 of 384. Also in Stilicho's army in 395: see D. Hoffmann (1969) ii. 191 n. 268. 11 Jordanes Get. I45: 2o,ooo Goths; Orosius vii. 35: Io,ooo dead; cf. Zos. iv. 58. Socr. v. 25: volunteers from across the Danube, presumably individually recruited. 12 ND Or. v. 20: Visi, Teruingi. 13 A. H. M. Jones LRE 68o-2. 14 D. Hoffmann (1969) 193 ff. g. the comites of Amm. xviii. 9· 4, cf. D. Hoffmann (I969) 243 ff.

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