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By Günther Grewendorf, Helmut Weiß

ISBN-10: 9027269351

ISBN-13: 9789027269355

content material: 1. facets of Bavarian syntax (by Grewendorf, Gunther); 2. 1. COMP Phenomena; three. Syntactic and phonological houses of wh-operators and wh-movement in Bavarian (by Bayer, Josef); four. Complementizer contract (in Bavarian): characteristic inheritance or function insertion? (by Fuss, Eric); five. The upward push and fall of double contract: A comparability among Carinthian and Kansas Bukovina Bohemian (by Wratil, Melani); 6. 2. Extraction Phenomena; 7. constructions of 'emphatic topicalization' in Bavarian (by Lutz, Uli); eight. Gaps and parasitic gaps in Bavarian (by Grewendorf, Gunther); nine. Observations on relative clauses in Bavarian (by Kallulli, Dalina); 10. three. Non-clausal Phenomena; eleven. rather bizarre matters. The syntax of kin names in Bavarian. (by Weiss, Helmut); 12. Austro-Bavarian directionals: towards an even bigger photo (by Gruber, Bettina); thirteen. IPP-Constructions in Alemannic and Bavarian compared (by Schallert, Oliver); 14. four. The Topography of Southern German Dialects; 15. The top German differential: major Austrian-Bavarian vs. (High) Alemannic alterations (by Abraham, Werner); sixteen. Index

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I would like to avoid a narrower discussion of feature licensing in terms of interpretability and non-interpretability as such a discussion would complicate the issue while not adding much substance to what I have to say here. . Cf. Platzack (1996); Koeneman (2000, 2002); Bury (2002); Fanselow (2002a); Surányi (2003); Brandner (2004) and van Craenenbroek (2006). Donati (2006) assumes wh-­­headmovement for independent reasons. For a comprehensive overview and detailed theoretical discussion see Georgi & Müller (2010).

S‘ a-lo fato (che)? ’ b. Ndo e-lo ndato (endoe)? ’ c. *Parché e-lo partio parché? ’ d. *S’ alo magnà che torta? 31 (33) Fet fà què? ’ Monno (Brescia) As suggested by Poletto and Pollock, a viable explanation is that a zero clitic is involved. 32 I believe that more like this will turn up, and that it will in one way or the other give support to the findings about Bavarian that have been reported in this study. Acknowledgements I would like to thank the organizers and the audience of the Frankfurt workshop on B ­ avarian Syntax.

Kathol, Andreas. 2000. Linear Syntax. Oxford: OUP. Koeneman, Olaf. 2000. The Flexible Nature of Verb Movement. Utrecht: LOT Publications. Koeneman, Olaf. 2002. The distribution of declarative verb second in Germanic. In Studies in Comparative Germanic Syntax [Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 53], Jan-Wouter Zwart & Werner Abraham (eds), 175–201. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 11koe Lutz, Ulrich. 1997. Parasitic gaps und Vorfeldstruktur. In Zur Satzstruktur des Deutschen, FranzJosef d‘Avis & Ulrich Lutz (eds).

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